Tuesday, February 10, 2009

El tiempo

We weren't very well prepared for the gales that struck us last month. I dare say the extreme weather caught a lot of people by surprise.

Pam and I regularly watch Meteo on Digital+ but it doesn't give you a full picture of what to expect. For that you need to visit the Government weather site AEMET which is a lot more comprehensive.

Here for example is AEMET's forecast for Orihuela for the next seven days. As you can see, the temperatures are expected to drop towards the weekend and there is a possibility of some rain on Sunday.


For those of you who want to have a look for yourselves, the address of the site is http://www.aemet.es/es/nuevaweb

The site is is easy to navigate around. To find charts like the one above select El Tiempo then Predicción and Localidades; choose Alicante and then the town you are interested in.

Whilst you are at the site it is also worth looking at the diagrams and images they produce like this infrared satellite picture of Europe and North Africa. That swirling mass of cloud is obviously what is causing the bad weather over much of Europe at the moment.


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