Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Posting comments

One or two people have asked me what they need to do to post comments about my blog.

Underneath each post you will see

Posted by Keith & Pam Williamson at (the time) Labels: (the label I have attached)


Click on where it says 'comments' to get the box below.


This is where you type in your comment. You will notice though that I don't allow anonymous comments. That is because I feel if you have something to say you should identify yourself just like I do. 

So there are two things you must do to post a comment:-

  1. You need to have a Google or a Blogger account. These are FREE and only take a moment to set up.
  2. You need to type the word (in this case matin) in the Word Verification box.

Once you have done all that, your comment will be sent to me by email and will appear when anyone clicks the 'comment' label.

Please note that I don't moderate comments so you can say what you  feel as long as you are not rude!

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