Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Operation Bigastro

The summary of “Operation Bigastro” amounts to three thousand pages - six volumes, in which the Guardia Civil describes the supposed crimes that the ex- mayor of Bigastro, José Joaquín Moya has been imputed for by the courts.

From what I understand, 1,600 sq metres of land for industrial units was exchanged for premises on Calle Purisima and 132,000 euros in cash. In fact, it seems that as part of the deal, the mayor banked a cheque for 60,000 euros and a Volkswagen Toureg valued at 65,000 euros was registered in his name which was then sold several months later.

There is also an issue about irregularities surrounding the sale of land at La Pedrera. 35,000 sq metres of land was awarded to a constructor along with 45,000 sq metres for golf practice courses.

At the same session, the non-urbanizable land was reclassified from rustic to urban to allow a hotel complex to be built without allowing the issue to go to arbitration. Along with the ex- mayor, the present councilman of Culture, José Espinosa Espinosa and the ex concillors Mari Carmen Grau Espinosa, Maria Jesús Torres García, Juana Ortiz Ferrer, Maria Francisca Nortes Hernández and Julián Sánchez Martínez have been imputed for this action.

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