Saturday, February 21, 2009

A bobbies job

Aurelio Murcia, spokesperson for the Popular Party (PP) in Bigastro, blamed yesterday the ex- mayor José Joaquín Moya for having created a parallel city council in premises on calle General Bañuls.

Murcia says that civil servants, even the current mayor Raúl Valerio Medina, enter and leave the premises constantly. He claims the situation is confusing because when a neighbour wants to see the mayor, they don't know which one to go to!

Although the Popular spokesman says that there is a good dialogue now between the parties, he is surprised that Valerio still defends a citizen who is no longer in a public position and whom Murcia claims, will probably end up in gaol for the crimes he is accused of.

It must be very difficult for Valerio to function as mayor when the shadow of the ex-mayor, who served the community for 25 years, is looming over him. I, for one, do not envy him the task.

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