Friday, February 27, 2009

Some good news for shoppers

The rate of inflation in Spain for February was 0.7%, continuing the moderation of prices which started in July 2008.

This is the lowest rate since records were started in January 1997.

The supermarket chain, Mercadona  say they have lowered the price of their products by an average of 10% since October and have made a “a deep revision” to the assortment of goods on sale by withdrawing almost 800 product lines (400 of their own brands- Bosque Verde, Deliplus, Hacendado and Compy, along with 400 others).

The company stresses that the 800 products were withdrawn because “in all cases, they did not fulfil the criteria for sale rotation, they were duplicated and, far from contributing value to the client, did not respond to their real needs but instead increased the final price of the  shopping basket in their supermarkets”.

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