Friday, August 06, 2010

A bad reception

Pam was in the town yesterday and wanted to contact me using her mobile phone. She tried calling the landline, then my mobile and then landline again. Short of finding a pigeon and tying a message to its feet, she tried everything but nothing worked. The phones rang but all I could hear was a crackle on the line.

Why? Because our mobiles are connected to Vodafone and reception for Vodafone in Bigastro is dreadful.

In a country where babies are born with a mobile phone in their hand, you would expect reception on all networks to be 100% but it isn’t.

So now we are faced with the prospect of having to buy new mobiles that will connect – possibly with Movistar – bugger!

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Pete said...

It's so unfortunate when this happens. I have a friend who had to change network providers because his flat was in a tiny blackspot and he couldn't get it to work.

Similarly I'm considering changing as although I'm entirely happy with my phone and contract, the reception in my workplace is dreadful.

Such a shame.