Monday, August 23, 2010

It is quiet round here

After the fiesta things do go a little flat in Bigastro. This year though, for Pam and I, things are even quieter because the rest of our family and friends have now returned to England.

First off, our youngest daughter Laura, her boyfriend Dave, Dave’s mum and Dad and of course our granddaughter Molly arrived. They were followed by our eldest daughter Jemma with her boyfriend Dan and then our very good friends, Glenys and Peter.

Jemma and Dan went back on Thursday followed by Peter and Glenys on Friday. Now the rest of the family have returned to sunny Britain leaving Pam and I on our own again.

I know that visitors can be a little wearing, however ours have all been such great company, it has been a real pleasure to have them here.

Star of the show had to be our six month old granddaughter. Molly has been so good for the whole time, smiling laughing and even uttering her first words “dadada Dave”.

The good news is that they will have to return next year because they are invited round to our Spanish teacher’s house for paella!

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