Thursday, August 05, 2010

It seems relatively harmless to me


Not to be beaten, Sol Productions are organising another attempt at the world record for the number of women in bikinis. When they tried this last year, only 233 turned up.

For this year, the organisers have chosen the peak of the holiday period when hopefully there will be a lot more interest and a lot more ladies about.

As you might expect, not everyone approves of this idea. Opposition groups on the Orihuela council have labelled it as chauvinistic and degrading. They say that this type of event is not the best way to promote the Orihuela costa adding that there are more important records to beat like a reduction in the number of unemployed.

I do take their point but feel they need to lighten up a little because this isn’t like the occasion when strippers performed with children present. I would argue that the Bikini Bash will be far less degrading to womanhood than allowing young girls to stand on roundabouts in their underwear!

In any case, you can go down to the beach in August and, if you walk far enough, you will see well over 2,000 women in bikinis. All the organisers plan to do is bring them together and take a few photos. I wouldn’t go now but when I was a young man, I would have been there in a flash with my camera in hand!

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