Tuesday, August 03, 2010

The programme for the Fiesta

For those who haven’t been able to pick up a programme, here are the events:-

Saturday, 7th of August

9pm - Coronation of Queens and Ladies 2010. The opening address will be given by Ana Pomares Garci'a.

Followed by a Disco.

Sunday, 8th of August

11am (C/ Obispo Victorio, C/ José Nieto, C/ Luis Gálvez)) – The 2nd Competition for Crazy Cars.

9pm - Parade of the Christian Group “Caballeros del Cid” from Bigastro followed by the pageant “El Silvido de Elche”.

Wednesday, 11th of August

11am to 5:30pm (Barrio de la Cruz)- - Great Children's Fair.

Thursday, 12th of August

8pm (From the Unamuno Schools) – Children's Parade.

11:30pm (Parque Huerto del Cura) - Official Inauguration of the “Barracas”.

All night disco.

Friday, 13th of August

Midday - The Uncle of the Tractor drives through the streets of Bigastro distributing very cold beer to palliate the intense heat.

12:30pm (c Antonio Perez Gálvez) – The third edition of the Days of the Tapeo (a small beer and a tapas for no more than the shrapnel in your pocket).

2:30pm (Plaza de la Concordia) – The sixth edition of the Gastronomic Day.

8:30pm - Parade of the Comparsas (this is where they get wet!)

Midnight – Gala of the Memory (not sure what that is)


Saturday, 14th of August

Midday - The Uncle of the Tractor (more cold beer)

12:30pm - Tapeo

5:30pm ((C/ Acequia) – Foam Party (that will cool them down!)

7:30pm – Parade and Floral Offering to honour our landlord starting from the “Unamuno Schools”

8:30pm - Mass in the Plaza de la Constitución.

11pm– Special Concert for San Joaquin by the Society Musical Union of Bigastro, directed by D. Tomás Rodríguez Gómez.

1am – Performance by the group the UNION in the Parque Huerto del Cura (free)


Sunday, 15th of August

9:30am and Midday - Mass to honour the Virgin of Asuncio'n

11am - End of and presentation of trophies for the 2nd Caliche Championship “San Joaquín 2010”.

Midday - The Uncle of the Tractor (even more cold beer)

12:30pm - Last day to enjoy the tapeo.

9pm - Multicoloured parade of comparsas and floats.

1am - Traditional parade to welcome in the dawn of San Joaquín’s Day .

Performance by the group Matrix Band followed by a disco.

Monday, 16th of August

9:30am – Holy Mass

Midday - Solemn Mass to Honour San Joaquín celebrated by the Priest of Bigastro and the Choir “Manuel Moya”. Presided over by the Bishop of the Diocese, D. Rafael Palmero Ramos.

1pm – A Traditional Mascletá ( very loud fireworks set off in a rhythmical fashion)

8:30pm - Solemn Procession to honour San Joaquín.

Fantastic firework display organised by Ferrándiz Pyrotechnics.

Disco until dawn.

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