Saturday, August 14, 2010

Food and drink

The theme of the Fiesta for yesterday was eating and drinking. First we had the Jornadas del Tapeo. Bars from the town set up their stalls on the shaded side of a calle near the centre of the town. There they served a cold beer and a snack for 1.50€. You could have everything from the humble tortilla to a pair of frogs legs along with the range of excellent Spanish beers.

Meanwhile, in the Plaza de la Concordia, tables were being laden with food prepared by the various nationalities in the town for the Jornadas Gastronómicas.

I am pleased to say that the British Buffet was again a tribute to the people living here. We do have to thank the ladies and gents who gave up their time to prepare the food and then man the stall.

To wash down the food, there was free beer and as one of our guests remarked, it was strange to see that there was never a queue for that – people were more interested in sampling the food.

As per usual, I was there with my camera. You can see the results at

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