Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Resolve this in court

When I taught at Anfieldd in the north of Liverpool, children in the lower ability classes would often hurl insults at each other. When you investigated these incidents, the root cause was often quite trivial.

Neither Raúl Valerio Medina nor Aurelio Murcia fit into the ranks of low ability and their sparring is not in a classroom of young children. These are two intelligent adults at war in the council chambers.

The pattern is similar at every meeting; both parties are supposed to take turns to have their say. However, Aurelio Murcia and Jose Antonio Ricart continually interrupt the proceedings by shouting across the chamber. The mayor finally decides he has had enough and expels them and then the insults begin.

At the meting last week, it was when the councillor for education, Loli Andreu was speaking in defence of a proposal by the socialists that the insults started. She was variously described as useless, inept and incompetent. When the mayor tried to regain order, then the real insults started to fly; “vais a acabar todos en la cárcel” followed by “haberse quedado con dinero de dos obras públicas”. As Murcia was heading towards the door he added “iros a tomar por culo” to which the mayor responded with “eres un sinvergüenza”. I will leave you to look up those words.

The result is that Raúl Valerio Medina has taken the matter to the Guardia CIvil where he has presented a denuncia. What happens next, I don’t know. Presumably if there is a case to be answered, it will be resolved in court.

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