Monday, August 09, 2010

It is true

They say that luck, be it good or bad, comes in threes. Yesterday just proved that to be true.

Our family arrived from England. The plan was that Pam and I would go to the airport to meet the first party then we would return home for a meal, I would go down and take photographs of the parade last night. Meanwhile, Pam would go with Dave to the airport to collect our eldest daughter and her boyfriend.

On the way to the airport I could hear this strange noise from my car. It was as if we were travelling on a poor road surface. Never mind we arrived at the airport to meet our guests.

BAD LUCK 1 They came in at Terminal 2 not Terminal 1where we were waiting so we had to try and locate them.

BAD LUCK 2 Having found them, we went to collect a hire car. The machine refused payment on one of the cards so the lady had to reprocess the whole thing with a different card. Never mind, we were delayed but I still had time to get back and take photos of the parade.

BAD LUCK 3 I loaded some of the luggage into the boot of my car and we set off back to Bigastro. By now the noise from my car was getting worse and it was vibrating badly. I knew I had to stop and investigate but before I could do that, one of the rear tyres exploded so I quickly pulled into a space at the side of the road.

The tyre walls had gone completely there was just an inch or so of them left on the wheel rim. The tyre tread was just hanging loose. Luckily there was no damage to the wheel itself and we had stopped safely without incident. There was the most horrendous smell of burning rubber which I can still smell today.

Anyway, by the time I had replaced the wheel with the spare out of the boot, it was too late to make the parade so I am sorry but I have no photos of the Bando Cristiano “Caballeros del Cid” and the boato “El Silvido de Elche”.

I guess I will have to go to Hankooks today!

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