Thursday, August 05, 2010

Brits join in on summer fiestas

It isn’t just Spanish towns that hold fiestas in summer, the mainly British urbanisations like to get in on the act as well.

image At La Marina they will be having classic cars, bouncy castles, live music, foam parties and a giant paella.

The fun all starts tomorrow at 5pm in the Supermercado Consum Car park, (Calle Justo Antonio Quesada, La Marina urbanisation).

The Urbanizacion Ciudad Quesada de Rojales residents and visitors have already enjoyed their week long festival in honour of the patron saint.

The week was launched with a traditional giant paella  attended by over 900 people. 

Other events during the weekend ranged from street parades to mobile discos and hip hop exhibitions.

The only thing that is missing though, is the tradition. In Bigastro, the fiesta is as much about that as it is about having fun which is why we love it.

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Pete said...

Ah, but a tradition has to start somewhere Keith!