Sunday, August 01, 2010

A day on the beach is not cheap

When we go to the beach, I’m content to just lie in the sun or the shade and either fall asleep or watch the world go by. Every now and then I might go for a dip in the sea just to cool off but nothing more exhaustive than a quick swim. Actually if I am honest, like most men, I spend a lot of my time studying “form”. Any man who tells you that he doesn’t do the same is telling porkies (as in pork pies = lies).

For adrenalin junkies my kind of day on the beach would simply not be enough. They need some thrills and spills to make their day on the beach complete and if they head in the right direction, it is all there waiting for them.

At many beaches you can hire a pedalo but that is hardly the heart stopping experience these people are looking for. No, for something more thrilling they need to go to Campoamor beach where they can hire a jet ski. They’ll need to be over 16 and sign a contract. They’ll also need their national identity card or passport and proof of address. These things cost a lot of money, they don’t just hire them out to anybody!

Then, for 45€ the adrenalin junkies can enjoy 15 minutes of chasing around on the sea at high speed.

Once they have gotten over that thrill, they’ll probably want to go on the banana boat (or as the Spanish call it the 'salchicha' ) and get towed around until the driver decides to do a quick turn and dump them in the water. All good fun - guaranteed to cool you off thoroughly.

By the time the day is finished it won’t just be their bodies that are exhausted, these thrill seekers wallets will be empty as well but that is the price of summer fun. I just hope they don’t wake me up as they pass me by on their way to the water.

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