Monday, August 23, 2010

Foiled again

I managed to foil the south American who tried to steal my camera in the Wok Buffet. Now I have foiled a lady on Amazon who thought she had fooled me into sending her my surplus lens.

Having failed to sell the lens on EBay, I put it on Amazon Marketplace. I had two enquiries for photographs which I replied to. Fortunately, I replied to them from a different email account to the one registered with Amazon which of course they did not know. 

This morning, surprise surprise I got emails telling me the lens had been sold. However; 1. the emails supposedly from Amazon had come to the wrong address, the English was suspect and there were spelling mistakes, 3. the fees quoted were far below those that Amazon had given me, 4. the buyer wanted the lens dispatched immediately to her cousin in Nigeria, 5. the postage costs were far in excess of Amazon’s and finally the email header showed that the mails had come from a Russian ISP.

Unsurprisingly , when I checked my Amazon account no payment to me was pending and the lens was still available on sale. 

So sorry lady, you will not be getting a free lens and furthermore I have opened a case with Amazon so you can expect to hear from them shortly.

The lesson, if you try to sell anything on Amazon and you receive an email asking for further details to be sent to an email address outside of Amazon – ignore it. Again I was fortunate, others may not be so lucky.

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