Thursday, August 19, 2010

I was very lucky last night

Last night we took the family down to the Habaneras and then on to the Wok Buffet to eat. I had my man bag with me which I placed on the back of the chair in the restaurant. We made a point of never all  leaving the table at the same time, there was always someone to watch the bags and of course Molly.

After about half an hour of sitting down, two smartly dressed South American men came and sat on the table behind us. I thought it was strange that two people should choose a table for six and one should sit directly behind me. They neither ordered drinks nor went to collect any food. However we were out to eat and we were being careful so I didn’t give it too much of a thought.

However, my suspicions were confirmed when Pam spotted the man behind me interfering with my bag as she returned to the table. Once alerted, I quickly checked and found that all the zips were open and my compact camera was missing. Realising what had happened, I turned round to confront the man and saw the camera on the floor where he was pushing it with his foot towards me.

As I was returning the camera to my bag and explaining what had happened, the two men quietly left the restaurant so the chance to apprehend them was gone. 

Later on Pam spotted a group of three young men with towels round their necks wandering round the restaurant obviously looking for a similar opportunity. Within minutes there was a distraught lady explaining to the waiters that she had just had her handbag stolen.

This is clearly a ploy that thieves use at the Wok Buffet in the high season. They are taking advantage of the increased number of clientele and the fact that you can just wander into the place and walk round to find your own table.

For all I know, they may do the same thing in other similar restaurants and the bars on the seafront - something to be aware of.  I was lucky, others were clearly not.

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