Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Planning for improvements

The Town Council for Bigasto have great plans to transform the town for the benefit of all using grants from the Government and other bodies.

You can read about them here:-http://www.bigastro.es/documentos/obras_ago.pdf

Sadly, in spite of all the best efforts of the Council, there are some in the town who are working against our best interests.

I can’t help but notice the graffiti which has appeared by the bins at the entrance to Villas Andrea. First they broke the fence and removed the litter bins on the route down to town. Now they have scrawled all over the benches, the waste bins and the map at the entrance again.

What possesses people to do this? I can only assume it is someone who wants to make his* mark in a way that is only decipherable to himself and his friends. To the rest of us it just looks ugly and distasteful. The sooner it is removed the better!

*I’m assuming it was a male who did it but I might be wrong.