Monday, August 02, 2010

How much do we owe?

Just how much in debt is Bigastro? Well it depends who you speak to.

According to the Ministry of Economy and Property, the debt as of 1st January 2010 was 6.4 million Euros (952 Euros per head of population). However, the Popular Party say the debt is a lot higher than that quoting a figure of around 20 million (3,018 Euros per head).

How does the PP come by that figure?

They say that along with the official debt you have to add in other debts like the hotel which cannot be built which is about 3 million. In addition you have to take account of the money owed for the car park at La Paz which amounts to 1.3 million, the urbanisation of Sector D-6 at 2.6 million and sector D-12 at 2.3 million. Add to that the money owed to Iberdrola along with various other sums for projects.

In response, the mayor says that the figures bandied about by the PP are a nonsense and do not take account of income. I’d prefer to believe the socialist party but I fear that the PP may have a valid point.

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