Saturday, August 07, 2010

Looky looky men fight back

There are two distinct groups of looky looky men in Torrevieja; 300 who are registered and trade legally and the rest who sell the fake goods obviously without a license.

A constant battle rages between the local police and the illegal traders with each trying hard to outwit the other. Every now and then the police manage to catch some of them and confiscate their goods. In fairness, the traders are at the end of a long Mafia chain which is highly organised and they bear the brunt of it.

Last Thursday, the police apprehended a group of Senegalese on the Paseo Marítimo de Juan Aparicio. According to which version you listen to, either the police attacked one of the men with clubs and racist comments or the men started pushing one of the police officers about and at the same time issued verbal threats. Whichever is true, the three men were taken to the local Police Station.  

However, in a bid to fight back, ten Senegalese have now taken out a denuncia against the police for making racist remarks and the use of aggression. Notably the police officers are said to have shouted, “os vamos a echar de uno a uno" and  "negros de mierda"

In theory , it should not be difficult to ascertain the truth because there would have been hundreds of eyewitnesses to the events but I bet they all tell a different tale!

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