Friday, August 27, 2010

Weird or what?

IMG_1441When you post pictures to Flickr, it is impossible to predict which ones will attract little interest and which will prove to be a hit.

On day 12 of this years Project 365 (the deal is you take and post a picture each day for a year) I was stuck for inspiration.

Then I came up with the idea of photographing the fountain pens that were lingering unused in my drawer. These pens date back to a time when I wrote everything by hand, preferring the feel of a nib on paper to the more usual ballpoint pen.

I readily admit that it was an easy task to get this shot. Draw three lines on a blank piece of paper, line up the pens and shoot from a low angle to get the nibs in focus whilst the rest of the pens were blurred.

A little work in Photoshop the next day matched up the lines to the tips of the nibs. It was hardly a piece of creative genius. It wasn’t like I was trying to rival great photographers like Helmut Newton or Ansel Adams. This was just a quick shot for my album.

It therefore seems strange to me that this picture get hits almost every day - just look at the statistics in the graph:-


440 hits already beats my previous record of the equally "interesting" pictures of Tor our dentist and the inside of my computer.It has even been marked as a favourite by two people.

Surely there must be more fascinating pictures in my gallery for people to look at. There are a few that I was quite pleased with at the time they were taken which gather a lot less interest than these three pens.

Ah well, if my claim to fame is to be a photo of a bunch of pens – so be it. I suppose there could be worse things to be famous for!

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Pete said...

Where are the hits coming from Keith? Is it Flickr or an external site?

It's a lovely photo anyway. I'm finding with mine that a reasonably well taken photo of a generic image gets much more hits than what you consider to be your more 'worthy' efforts. :)