Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A bit pre-occupied

I apologise to those of you who regularly drop in on my blog to see what is going on here in Biagstro. Posts over the last few weeks have been a bit sporadic for several reasons.

As you will have read, we had visitors over the last couple of weeks and as much as I like spending time on my computer, I’d rather be with my granddaughter Molly by the pool than stuck here in the spare room.

Now that our visitors have gone, you might think that I would have plenty of time on my hands. However, apart from sorting the house and the garden back out, I also decided to compile two DVDs for our visitors. The first one is of personal photos and videos from their visit.The second one is of my photos from the Fiesta as a memento for them.

Anyone who has embarked on producing a DVD will tell you that it is a very time consuming job. You assemble the material, insert some titles and add the transitions. Then you burn the final product to DVD only to find that one of the photos is misplaced or there is a mistake in one of the titles. That means going back to the drawing board to sort things out and re-burning the DVDs. Luckily blank DVDs are relatively cheap these days so you are not at too much of a loss to produce a few “coasters”.

The other issue is the heatwave we are in the grips of at the moment. Encoding a DVD from video footage is very demanding of a computer processor so it gets hot. Even at 9:30 am, I have the portable air conditioning unit blowing cold air towards my desktop to keep it cool and I am writing this on my netbook.

Hopefully , my intended audience won’t be too critical but they will expect something that looks reasonably professional. I’m burning the final copies of the Fiesta DVD on my desktop at the moment with my fingers crossed that all is well on the second attempt.

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