Saturday, August 06, 2011

A crime wave hits the coast!

In the local Spanish press there are reports that Local Police on the Orihuela coastline arrested ten people in one week. Four arrests were made during the weekend, while the other six were made during the week.

The headline case was a British citizen aged 64 who was arrested for molesting a minor. The incident, which was witnessed by several people, occurred at La Florida urbanisation.

Another Brit, this time 31 years old, was arrested for stealing a mobile phone worth 450 Euros in the shopping mall at Villamartin and a 21 year old was caught breaking into a car on the Avenida Las Adelfas at Campoamor.

Finally, we read that a Ukrainian and a Lithuanian were arrested for tampering with a phone box near the centro comercial Flamenca Beach. The other arrests were for people growing cannabis plants in a greenhouse out on the campo.

Apart from the case of the 64 year old Brit, these are all relatively minor crimes which would hardly warrant a column inch in Liverpool newspapers. It is perhaps a measure of how safe it is living in this area that such great store should be made of ten arrests in one week.

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