Monday, August 15, 2011

Two hours of bliss

They might have started the concert for San Joaquin last night half an hour late but by the time we had got part way through the programme, we would have forgiven them for being an hour late. It was a flawless performance of the most enjoyable music you could wish to listen to.

In the first part the band played a selection of four tunes, some of which were familiar and others new to us.

In the interlude we had a comedy sketch performed by some of the local talent and then came the second part of the concert.

The choir went to the back of the stage to accompany the three soloists, Susanna Vardayan, Susi Gálvez Mesples and Juan Antonio Martin Armas in a delightful selection of songs.

We finished in the traditional fashion by singing the Hymn of Bigastro. 

For those who were unfortunate enough not to be there here are some of my photos for you to enjoy.

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