Thursday, August 25, 2011

Growing pot plants

This area of Spain must have near the perfect climate for growing cannabis plants outdoors. The plant apparently needs lots of sunshine and that is what it will get around here. No need for expensive light set ups and fancy hydroponic watering systems, with just a few pots, some decent compost and careful watering you can let nature take its course.

No doubt there are a quite a few people who grow plants for their own use however there are also some who make a business out of rearing a crop.

That is not hard to understand because the temptation to grow these lucrative plants must be strong. After all it is a way to make a quick buck and is obviously more financially rewarding than growing artichokes.

Case 1: In the San Anton district of Orihuela, police raided a house and found one hundred cannabis plants. The tip off came when neighbours got fed up with the number of clients, including young children, who would come to the area to buy the drugs.

Case 2: Last week the local police from Orihuela busted a house in Entre Naranjos where a cannabis plantation was growing behind a canvas screen.

Pam and I have never tried marihuana, the fact that it is illegal is enough to put us off. Anyone can inspect our garden or roof terrace and I can guarantee that, apart from some weird insects, they will find nothing untoward.

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