Friday, August 12, 2011

Let the bus take the strain

In England people joke about getting a free bus pass when they reach retirement age. That is partly because public transport is so expensive there especially in places like London.

If you lived in Torrevieja, you didn't need to wait for your 65th birthday to get free transport because everyone got tickets to allow them free rides on the buses. Sadly the system was open to abuse and so the council are now introducing the “Citizen Card” at a cost of 35 Euros per person per year.

For what is in effect a token amount (barely enough to cover the cost of administering the card), people who live in the town can travel 365 days a year for as many journeys as they wish.

As an added bonus, the town hall are planning to incorporate access to the Municipal Leisure Centre, the Macrodicoteca and several museums to the Citizen Card so it will represent great value to those who register for it.

Of course, pensioners will be able to reclaim the 35 Euros so for them it will all be free.

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