Saturday, August 06, 2011

Plans for this weekend


At 7:30 pm last years fiesta queens along with this year’s will assemble and accompanied by the la Unión Musical de Bigastro will parade to the park.

At 9pm this year’s queens (infant, junior and third age king and queen) will be crowned in the Parque Huerto del Cura. The opening will be in the hands of Encarnación Grau Grau, Psycologist Director of the Centre Specific for the Mentally Ill, Camp del Turia (Valencia.

This year I am going to try and find a place where I can take my photos without upsetting the audience!

At midnight the disco in the park will feature DJs Garra, Sergio Arques and Chato


The third competition for Coches Locos will take place at about 11am. Gravity powered creations will race down the hilly Calles Obispo Vitorio, José Nieto and Luís Gálvez  hopefully stopping at the bottom!

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