Sunday, August 14, 2011

Good food and great entertainment

We’ve recommended this restaurant to others and to show that we stand by that, Pam and I went to La Herradura just outside Los Montesinos last night for a meal.

Fridays and Saturdays they host a flamenco show as you will see from the pictures below. The last time we went to watch this spectacular, the service was slow however, last night it was first class.

The restaurant has both an a la carte menu and several menu’s de la noche ranging from 12 Euros to 19 including a vegetarian menu at 16 Euros.

One thing to be aware of, if you order fish, even on the a la carte menu, you will not be over faced with a plateful of food. If you are hungry (actually I mean very hungry) then the lamb or the ribs from the 19 Euro menu will more than fill you. It is the same with the starters, the Carpaccio of prawn is a wonderful dish but it won't fill you up.

image If you are feeling flush, then a kilogramme of cigalas (crayfish) will set you back 65 Euros. I’m not sure though that anyone could actually eat that many cigalas in one sitting.

And the dancers:

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