Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Hard times make for harsh decisions

Faced with its huge budget deficit, the Council in Bigastro have no choice but to make cuts in staffing expenditure and whilst this may not be palatable, there are no obvious alternatives open to them.

I see that Bigastro is now advertising for staff for the pre-school Bigastrin which takes children from birth to three years old. The Councillor for Education, Aurelio Murcia explains that they will be cutting the number of staff from the present 21 but doesn’t say by how many. He does however assure parents that the service offered will be the same as before and goes on to say that fees will be reduced from 110 to 90 Euros per month. Initially the fees from parents will finance the school but then, the Council will use grants from the Department of Education to subsidise costs.  

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