Friday, August 12, 2011

The dreaded council tax bill

It is that time of year when we expect to receive our council tax bills from SUMA - the organisation that collects monies on behalf of town halls in this area. For the first year or so after you buy a new property, you don’t get a bill at all because it takes awhile for the system to produce the valuation of your property upon which the tax is based.

The first bill we received seemed way too high compared to those of our neighbours so we disputed the valuation of our property and got it reduced substantially. Since then our annual bill has hovered at just over the 230 Euros per year mark.

Yes, my British readers you did read that right -230 Euros per year (at current rates a shade over £200).

I know that many of you will paying near enough that amount per month. However, if you consider that is a paltry amount to pay let me tell you that, in nearby villages, the annual amount can be as low as 60 Euros– about the same price you would pay to fill the tank of your car with diesel.

There may be some things that are as expensive or even dearer than they are in Britain but council tax is not one of them!

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