Monday, August 08, 2011

A great party even though the stars were missing

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Gotcha This young lady was after a photo of the crowd down the hill.

Yesterday morning was the competition for crazy cars - made without engines these were to be propelled by gravity down one of the hills in the town.

I’m told there were 15 “cars” on the start line, many of which would have never made it past the first corner. Those that did though were really very good - I'll post an album later.

So, with only a few cars coming down the hill what was there to do but party. The band were half way up the hill entertaining us, there were refreshment stops where you could buy a beer for a Euro and the Moors group came out in force.

Just to keep the crowds happy, the cars came down twice – the second time for a speed trial.

I met up with a family whose photo I had taken early in the year. They could see I was having to stand in the sun so they offered me water and then insisted I had a beer. The wife was even prepared to fetch me a beach umbrella to shade me but I thought that was going too far.

By way of saying thanks for their kindness, here they are again.


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