Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The final procession

After all the fun and partying, last night was the time to give thanks to the patron saint. In time honoured tradition, San Joaquin was carried around the town accompanied by the Fiesta Queens, the members of the Council, dignitaries from the church and thousands of devotees carrying candles.

Once the saint was safely back to the church, there was a grand firework display. Finally, San Joaquin was returned in to the church where he will remain until next August when the party will begin again.

This is now the time when the town will dust itself off, people will catch up with much needed sleep and many will go on holiday. After all the hours I have spent processing photographs, it will give me some time to catch up on some gardening.

Hopefully, my photographs of the Fiesta for San Joaquin 2011 will provide the town’s people with some happy memories of the last 9 days and perhaps more important, will reunite those who no longer live in the town with the Bigastro they once knew.

You can see my photos from the last night here

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