Sunday, August 14, 2011

A day of convivencia

Yesterday was the first of the three days when you could enjoy a tapas and a beer on Calle Antonio Gálvez. First task, pick the bar where you wanted to buy from and then choose your food. There was plenty of tempting dishes from a humble hamburger or a portion of tortilla to frogs legs or the local speciality – meatballs (ask for pelotas).

Be aware that eating on the street like this is more of a social event than a dining experience because the rations are small. Think more of a snack that a meal.

Round the corner at the Plaza de la Concordia you could have had your food and a beer for free. There was a long queue though and to get in first you would have had to have stood for about three quarters of an hour. The reward was a plate of paella along with meatballs and other Spanish delicacies followed by another plate of cakes and pastries from the British table. The patient ones were rewarded later on with large slices of very refreshing water melon.

IMG_2935 IMG_2967
IMG_2940 IMG_2969

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If you missed the tapeo yesterday, never mind you can pop down today or tomorrow, meet a few friends, grab a beer and enjoy some local food.

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