Monday, August 01, 2011

Helping a worthy cause

It is a sad fact that residents regularly find abandoned animals on our estate, in most cases without an identification collar and without chipping.

Quite a few of our neighbours have taken in these stray animals and looked after them but there are only so many cats and dogs that people can care for.

Fortunately, there are a number of organisations that will look after stray animals but of course there are limits and it can be hard to find homes for them once they have been taken into care. It is also difficult to find volunteers with the time and inclination to look after these unwanted animals not to mention the money needed to feed them etc.


Caroline and Joop who live on Calle Escocia at Villas Andrea tell me that they volunteer every day at the Centro Protección Animales de Orihuela, situated in San Bartolomé.

The centre, which was opened in May of this year, currently looks after about 200 dogs, 30 cats and 2 horses. That sounds like a lot of work for just five people.

In order to raise funds to set up new runs and play areas for the dogs as well as caring for the cats and horses, the centre is hosting a barbecue at the Black Seven House between Los Montesinos and Algorfa (see poster for details).

At 10 Euros per head for a three course meal it sounds like good value and of course proceeds will go to a very worthwhile cause.

PS I think they probably mean that the singer Phil Shaper is inimitable! Whatever, I’m sure he will be good.

I hope the BBQ and any other events they have planned are a great success. All kudos to Caroline and Joop.

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