Saturday, August 13, 2011

Justice prevails

I am pleased to read in the papers that a large number of those who were looting in the recent riots in Britain have now been caught, remanded in custody and in some cases already sent to jail.

Undoubtedly, the majority will have previous records of bad behaviour, some may have even been convicted before. There are though some strange exceptions, people from wealthy homes, students who are well educated and those with good jobs and career prospects. It might have seemed like a good idea at the time to join others in looting shops but now they are paying the price with jail sentences of up to six months, eviction from council homes and perhaps more important for them, the shame that they have brought to themselves and their families.

The sad fact is, the more experienced, more street savvy looters will be difficult to catch. They would have been careful to wear masks to cover their identity and would not have boasted about what they were up to on Facebook. It is the more innocent (if you can call them that) ones who will be paying the price for their night of fun.

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