Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Get your pens out

20111128_cuentos Do you have a Christmas story to tell that you are prepared to share with others? Bigastro has organised the 23rd editions of their competition for Christmas stories. This is open to all ages in the following categories:

  • Children 6 –14
  • Juniors 15-18
  • Adults 19-54 (prize of 75 Euros in cash for the winner)
  • and Seniors (that’s us) 55 and older (prize of 75 Euros in cash for the winner)

The story should be no more than five pages long: handwritten or word processed. The completed work should have a cover with a drawing related to Christmas. Completed entries to be taken to the library in the Auditorium by the 15th December. Please include your name, age and address along with your email address, if you have one. 

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