Monday, November 21, 2011

That was some storm

We were warned of heavy rain yesterday into today. It eventually came at about 5am this morning when we were woken by a great flash of lightening followed quickly by a huge clap of thunder. Then the rain came followed by more spectacular bolts of lightening which lasted until around until 6:30am.

No surprise that with a storm brewing , the electricity kept flicking on and off and eventually went off completely. I know this because the UPS that keeps my computer going signals to tell me that it is running on battery and each time the power resumes, I hear my laserjet printer start up again.

Thankfully, the rain has now cleared but the skies are still grey.  The forecast is for cloud to continue all week with intermittent showers or weak rain at times.

Oh and yes, the electricity is back on – came on at about 7am.

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