Saturday, November 26, 2011

Pool closure

In spite of the campaign to try and keep the heated pool in Bigastro open, the decision has been taken to close it at the end of this month.

The pool was built (excuse the pun) when the town was swimming in money; that is no longer the case. In fact, there were a number of ambitious projects undertaken during the “good years” that the town can no longer afford.

Two main reasons:

  1. The pool has an annual deficit of 30,000 Euros and costs, on average, 6,000 Euros per month to maintain.
  2. There were only 79 swimmers using the pool this month and 106 in October.  To make matters worse, half of the users were from towns other than Bigastro.

Management of the pool will now be put out to tender for a private company to take it over. It is hard to imagine though how a private company could make it pay given the figures. We shall see.

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