Monday, November 26, 2012

About the concert

This year's concert for Santa Cecilia was described as ‘extraordinary’ because it was mainly a tribute to one of Bigastro’s favourite musicians, Don Manuel Moya Pomares.

Born in the town, Pomares grew up in a musical family. It was therefore inevitable that he would become a musician. His first instrument was the oboe but he later went on to play the tuba as well.

During a long and distinguished career, he directed several bands including the one in Bigastro and taught music at some of the illustrious academies in the region. He also composed many pieces and received many awards for his work including two gold medals.

During the concert, two of his sons, Fernando (euphonium) and German (oboe) played solos, his cousins in Mallorca sent a video greeting and there were tributes paid to him by his son Fernando, the President of the band and the lady mayor.

For the final piece, one of his own compositions -“a mi pueblo”, he took the baton to direct the band to rousing applause.

It was a glorious evening of music and a wonderful tribute to a very proud bigastrense.

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Fernando German Manuel

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