Tuesday, November 06, 2012

That’s a clear message from Romney!

"Tomorrow we begin a new tomorrow. Tomorrow we begin a better tomorrow," Romney said. "This nation is going to begin to make a change for the better tomorrow. Your work is making a difference, the people of the world are watching, the people of America are watching. We can begin a better tomorrow tomorrow." Those were his last words on the campaign trail that has cost the two parties $2bn, has taken them thousands of miles across the USA and after a year of hard work has them neck and neck in the polls. In spite of flooding American TV with advertising and there is still only a hair’s breadth between them.

Knowing that the results in the so called swing states could be both crucial and inconclusive, the two candidates have lawyers in place. What they want to avoid is a rerun of the "hanging chads" debacle in 2000. There have already been complaints in Florida and Ohio. Both parties badly want the 270 electoral college votes that will secure them the presidency. Since, polls show that the two are tied very closely, they may well get stuck at 269 votes and that is when it will become messy.

Message to Mitt, “today is now yesterday’s tomorrow and to be honest it doesn’t look any better. Maybe tomorrow will be better than both today and yesterday but we will have to wait another day to find out.”


Bill said...

Supposing they did both get 269 it would be decided by the House of Representatives (as per the Constitution) and as Republicans have a handy majority there it is almost certain that they would elect Romney. So in reality Romney 'only' needs to get 269, whereas Obama needs to get at least 270.

I have long since given up trying to understand or predict US elections, so will await the results with 'equanimity' - Obama has been a bit of a disappointment (for whatever reason, but probably not just because of Republican tactics in Congress when evaluating Obama's proposed legislation) and I suspect Romney is not as awful as he is portrayed in most non-US media. The world will keep on turning and as a non-American there is nothing I can do about it anyway - put that fatalism down to many years living in the Arab world.

Charles Smythe said...

Definition of 'rhetoric' : a type or mode of language or speech; also : insincere or grandiloquent language.

List of Obama's broken promises during his term in office... Mr President, you promised :

1. That you would take immediate steps to end the genocide in Darfur. You didn't.
2. To launch an "Add Value to Agriculture" (AVTA) initiative for Africa. You didn't.
3. To fully fund debt cancellation for Heavily Indebted Poor Countries. You didn't.
4. To launch an Africa-specific Global Energy and Environment Initiative. You didn't.
5. To press China to respect human rights. You didn't.
6. To press China to end its support for regimes in Sudan, Burma, Iran and Zimbabwe. You didn't.
7. To enforce our trade laws and agreements with China to ensure America has a fair opportunity to compete and to counteract piracy of intellectual property: You didn't.
8. To show U.S. leadership in negotiating a political settlement on Cyprus. You didn't.
9. To create a new Office of Conflict Prevention and Resolution at State. You didn't.

Charles Smythe said...

10. To pursue direct diplomacy with all nations, friend and foe. In the case of North Korea, Iran, Syria, Cuba and others, you didn't.
11. To double U.S. spending on foreign aid to $50 billion per year by 2012. You didn't.
12. To double the Peace Corps to 16,000 volunteers by 2011. You didn't.
13. To establish a $2 billion Global Education Fund to create alternatives to extremist schools. You didn't.
14. To form an international working group to address the Iraqi refugee crisis. You didn't.
15. To provide at least $50 billion to the global fight against HIV/AIDS by 2013. You didn't.
16. To create a 25,000-strong Civilian Assistance Corps to deploy during international crises. You didn't.
17. To significantly increase funding for the National Endowment for Democracy. You didn't.
18. To restore U.S. leadership on space issues by seeking a code of conduct for space-faring nations. You didn't.
19. To open "America Houses" in cities across the Arab world. You didn't, except for one in non-Arab Indonesia.
20. To double the International Atomic Energy Agency's (IAEA's) budget, increasing the U.S. share to $225 million. You didn't.
21. To take the lead at the G-8 to launch "Health Infrastructure 2020." You didn't.
22. To establish a Shared Security Partnership Program to invest $5 billion over 3 years to improve U.S. cooperation with foreign intelligence and law enforcement agencies. You didn't.
23. To support passage of the Armenian Genocide Resolution and to recognize the Armenian Genocide. You didn't.
24. To conduct direct talks with Iran and conduct direct presidential diplomacy with Iran with no preconditions. You didn't.
25. To work with European allies to end "national caveat" restrictions in Afghanistan. You didn't.
26. To end the war in Iraq within 16 months of your inauguration. You didn't. It took 35 months.
27. To secure Russia's agreement to extend the monitoring and verification provisions of the START I Treaty before it expired in December 2009. You didn't. That agreement didn't come until April 2010 and the "New START" treaty was not formalized until February 2011.
28. To expand the U.S.-Russian ban on intermediate-range missiles so that the agreement is global. You didn't.
29. To nominate a Special Envoy for the Americas. You didn't.
30. To provide leadership in enforcing international wildlife protection agreements, including strengthening the international moratorium on commercial whaling, especially by Japan. You didn't.
31. To strengthen the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) in 2010. You didn't.
32. To work with the Senate to secure the ratification of the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty (CTBT). You didn't.
33. To lead a global effort to secure all nuclear weapons materials at vulnerable site within 4 years. You didn't.
34. To lead a global effort to negotiate a verifiable Fissile Material Cutoff Treaty (FMCT). You didn't.

Notice any correlation? Mind you, he wouldn't be a politician if he didn't lie, would he?