Friday, November 23, 2012

The threat of independence subsides

The threat made by Artur Mas’s party to seek independence for Catalonia seems to be weakening. Latest surveys show that his party may even lose seats in the forthcoming elections.

Even if they did win, a referendum seeking independence for the region would be deemed unconstitutional.

In fact, although Catalonia may be the wealthiest region of Spain, it is also the most indebted. Many business say that they would suffer by being outside of Spain but more importantly, Barcelona FC and Espanyol FC would not be eligible to play in the Spanish first division!

It seems that, although Catalans might consider themselves to be different to their Spanish neighbours, they may not be ready to break the ties that bind them. There might be something to gain from independence, however the price for that is too high for many to pay.

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Charles Smythe said...

Please tell me that you are 'taking the proverbial' in your continuing misunderstanding of the words 'lose' and 'loose'...