Monday, May 26, 2014

European elections

Untitled-1 Look at how both the conservative PP and the Socialists have lost ground since the last European elections. The PP lost 8 seats and the Socialists 9.

The increase in the number of parties may be partly to blame but even still you can’t  help but feel that the main parties have failed to capture the voters attention with their policies.
Untitled-2 The same pattern emerges if we look at Europe as a whole but whereas the Socialists lost just 2 seats, the Conservatives have lost 53 and that with a greater number of seats available.

In Britain, the story is all about the UKip party of Nigel Farage.

The Eurosceptic party's victory marked the first time in modern history that neither Labour nor the Conservatives have won a British national election.

Ukip is on course to win as much as 28% of the national poll. That is a near doubling of the 16.5% it secured in the last European elections in 2009, when it came second to the Tories with 13 seats.

Twenty years ago, in its first European election, Ukip managed 1% of the vote.

The Liberal Democrats suffered a near-total wipeout losing all but one of its 11 MEPs and placing serious pressure on Nick Clegg to justify his leadership of his party as its share of the national vote was 7 %.

The new European parliament will be infiltrated with radical and nationalist anti-EU forces that scored major victories both on the far right and the hard left in every country. With so many MEPs set against the European project and immigration in particular, you wonder just what will happen over the next four years.

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