Saturday, May 31, 2014

More padding please

It might seem petty but to many who fly on budget airlines, the reclining seat is the bane of their lives. There is precious little room as it is between you and the seat in front. When the person in front decides to recline their seat, that just takes the biscuit. It is the biggest cause of arguments between passengers on planes which is why 91% of passengers surveyed say that they would like them banned.

When we can, Pam and I book extra legroom where it matters little whether the person in front reclines or not but sometimes they are not available. 

Ryanair have always used rigid seats and now Monarch will join them with a new lightweight design. Not only does the new design offer more space to passengers, it also saves fuel.

The only question I would ask is, “are the new seats better padded than the old ones?”. After a flight to England or back, my backside aches on Airbus seats. The seats on Boeings seem to be more comfortable but not much. After an hour in the air, I often find my self shuffling to get comfortable. After two and a half hours, I am desperate to get off my seat and stand up.

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