Sunday, October 26, 2014

European Health Card

Courtesy of Scout John.


A number of U.K. Expats residing in Spain will be having their European Health Insurance Cards expiring in the Spring on 2015. Previously they were issued locally in Spain and then in accordance with European direction they had to be issued in the country of origin.

Application for new cards can be made six months prior to expiry of the current ones. To do this one should contact the relevant department of the U.K. NHS. This should be done by telephone to
00 44 191 218 1999 and choosing the first option and not the previous one given on the issue of the current cards which has been discontinued. You should have your National Insurance Number to hand when making the call.

You can also do this online by going to this web site

Remember the EHIC is free so do not be fooled and go to other web sites or agency who will charge you for getting a card

You can also go the Official Government site on Facebook where you can ask a question or send an email for further advice

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