Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Just a reminder

My friend, scout John, reminds me that this Thursday is a holiday in Valencia and so many of the shops etc. will be closed.

To help in the future, I have added a calendar of holidays for the current month to the left hand sidebar. Click on the days in bold red type to find out what they are.

And for those of you who like to forward plan, here is a list of all of the public holidays in Valencia for the rest of this year:
Thursday 09/10/2014 Regional Holiday Valencia
Sunday 12/10/2014 Columbus Day
Saturday 01/11/2014 All Saints
Saturday 06/12/2014 Constitution Day Spain
Monday 08/12/2014 Immaculate Conception
Thursday 25/12/2014 Christmas

and for next year:
Thursday 01/01/2015 New Year
Tuesday 06/01/2015 Epiphany
Thursday 19/03/2015 Saint Joseph
Thursday 19/03/2015 Father´s Day
Friday 03/04/2015 Good Friday
Sunday 05/04/2015 Easter
Monday 06/04/2015 Easter Monday
Friday 01/05/2015 Labour Day
Saturday 15/08/2015 Assumption of Mary
Friday 09/10/2015 Regional Holiday Valencia
Monday 12/10/2015 Columbus Day
Sunday 01/11/2015 All Saints
Sunday 06/12/2015 Constitution Day Spain
Tuesday 08/12/2015 Immaculate Conception
Friday 25/12/2015 Christmas

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