Tuesday, October 28, 2014


The energy saving plan, proposed by the PSOE in Bigastro, has been declared unsustainable by technicians because it would take 69 years to see a return on the investment.

 One way and another, the Socialists in the town are having a rough time at the moment.

 The PP, led by Charo Bañuls want the PSPV to take action against Raúl Valerio Medina for what they describe as embezzlement of council funds. They are referring to the cost of meals charged to the Mayor's credit card during his term in office.

 For his part, the ex mayor says that they were working meetings held at restaurants. Without them, the deals with clients would not have been closed. Still, at a time when the town was on its backside, meals at over 500 euros a time could be considered excessive.

 I dare say Moya had a similar card when he was in office. I wonder what appeared on his statements and for that matter what appears on the statements for the present mayor. If you are making accusations about the opposition, you have to be squeeky clean yourself.

 With a local election next year, the parties in Bigastro are clearly seeking ways to discredit each other. Unfortunately, in politics these days, it is not the party with the best plans that wins the day, it is the one with the least mud in its face.

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