Monday, December 19, 2016

Current situation

Orihuela maintains  a level 2  risk of flood in different parts of the municipality where the river Segura already has overflowed. These are areas such as Puente del Rey, San Pedro neighbourhood or Mariano Cases, Vereda del Royo, as well as districts such as Las Norias, Molins and La Campaneta where several neighbours have already been evacuated as a precaution.

Orihuela Town Hall says that the sewer system cannot cope with the amount of water overflowing from the river.

Although the rain here has eased off and the risk has been lowered to yellow, the overnight rain on the Vega Alta means that there is still a lot of water to come down the Segura into Orihuela and beyond.

To add to that, there are leaks in the roof of the Emergency Department at Vega Baja Hospital. These are attributed to poor workmanship at the time when repairs were done.

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