Sunday, December 18, 2016

The worst day

Search the net and you will find plenty of pictures and videos of flooded streets in the south of Spain from yesterday.  Eighty nine caravans at a site in Benidorm had to be abandoned and one man died as he tried to get to his car in Finestrat. As you might imagine, the roads at the front of Torrevieja were flooded. There are also many reports of damage caused by the wind which was gusting hard during the afternoon.

We are fortunate here at Villas Andrea because we are on a hill. In our case the water from the open land flows down a storm drain alongside the road and we get very little down the road outside our house.

For whatever reason though, water does work its way into the pool box where the pump and filter are housed so I have taken the precaution of turning off the electrics to the box. I also took the opportunity to empty some of the water out of the pool yesterday otherwise we would be looking out at an infinity pool this morning.

If anything, today is set to be worse. Overnight there was a little rain but not enough to cause concern. Already this morning though, we have torrential rain and we have thunder and lightening. Time to batten down the hatches and watch a movie on the television.

AEMET has us on orange alert today reduced to yellow alert tomorrow.

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