Monday, March 19, 2018


Scout John and others who were in our Spanish class will remember this grand lady. Joaquina was in the classroom opposite ours learning to read, write and do basic arithmetic.

Whenever we had a celebration, Joaquina was there and she made sure that we Brits were made to feel welcome.

The Adult Education Classes put on two productions for the children from the Infant School. In the second one, I played the Ice Devil and Joaquina played the Moon. We had a scene together where she reprimanded me for being bad. It was supposed to be just a couple of lines but Joaquina managed to stretch it out to several minutes and thus extended the comic element.

Last night, at the Gala for Women in Bigastro, Joaquina was honoured.

In the photo gallery that was projected onto the stage was a photo of Joaquina and I on stage. As she left the auditorium, Joaquina stopped by us and gave Pam and I a kiss.

Such a wonderful lady and a great ambassador for relations between the Spaniards and the Brits.

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