Saturday, March 24, 2018

Via Crucis

The weather Gods were kind last night for the people of Bigastro. It started to spit rain at about 9:30pm but nothing came of it. There was just a light breeze that did nothing more than blow the oil lamps out that people were carrying.

As I said though, there is very little light once the street lights have been turned off. In the calles it was just light from the odd window that illuminated the passage of the procession.

First out of the church was the statue of Jesus on a small throne that was pushed along.

The statue of Mary, holding Jesus from the cross, was carried on the shoulders of ladies from the brotherhood. You sense her pain as Mary sits with the lifeless body of her son on her lap.

This year, the procession was accompanied by the Manuel Moya Choir and the procession stopped at various points for readings from the Bible.

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