Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Be on your guard

We don't often hear about burglaries that happen in the rest of our estate so I can't tell you whether we are in a bad spell or not.

Our next door neighbour has had some issues with his alarm going off during the daytime. Each time we (well Pam actually) go to check on the roof and so far she has seen nothing untoward. Our neighbour across the road also comes out to check each time.

The alarm is connected to a central station so the police and he get an alert.

Last night, at about 10:31pm, the alarm went off again and sounded for a couple of minutes. Again, Pamela went to check on the roof but could see nothing. However, when our neighbour returned he said that someone had been in his garden. It wasn't clear whether they had attempted to get into the house or not but obviously that would have been their intention.

PS That house has been burgled twice.

  • The first time was when the original owners lived there. On that occasion, the house was ransacked. The thieves even pulled off the cupboard doors above the wardrobes. They had clearly been inside for sometime. 
  • The second time was when the current owners left the door from the conservatory to the lounge open for their dog. Strangely, the thieves only took clothing.  
  • On another occasion, there were signs that someone had climbed over the wall to break in but I don't think they managed to get inside the house. 
  • As I said, this time there someone had been in the garden but I am not sure whether they managed to get into the house or not. 

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